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1100CAL.COM - more than 80 most popular diets, pros and cons, advice on vitamin supplements.

Are you looking for a perfect diet? Have you already scrolled through dozens of websites without finding any useful recommendations? Are you tired of trying and failing? Keep calm and take a breath. Our website will finally help you to find a diet that will quickly make you an absolute beauty!

Still thinking that dieting brings no results without exercising? It is not a big deal if you cannot do sports: you can lose weight regardless. Doubting efficiency of dieting? You really can lose those pesky kilos very quickly: just follow our recommendations. Confused about all these healthy products, mineral nutrients, and vitamins? We have already sorted it out for you and mapped out a course of action. Believing that dieting takes up a lot of time and costs a fortune? Here you can find a diet that will save your time and money.

Whatever your purpose is — to lose a few kilos or simply to improve your health, to get fit once and for all or just to try out something new — here you will find anything you need, and even more:

Do you usually spend more time on finding a suitable diet than on following it? No more of that. Just for you, we collected the most popular diets of the world and presented them as convenient structured blocks. We also specified not only advantages of various eating plans but also their disadvantages. In our articles, you will find information about specific medical products and vitamin supplements that will boost your nutrient levels.

Are you a fan of a certain celebrity, food or even country? Here you will undoubtedly find a tried-and-true thematic diet.

Do you need to lose weight quickly before some important event such as a trip to the seaside, homecoming party or a long-awaited date? We will help you get fit without much effort.

Or did you decide to impress everyone with the amazing shape? Nothing is impossible: analyze pros and cons of the diet, stock up on required foods and vitamin supplements and follow our plan.

Are there too many options making you unsure where to look first? Take the following steps: firstly, set your goal and determine how much time you have to achieve it. Then choose a suitable diet, consider all pros and cons and consult a nutritionist to be sure that this diet will cause you no harm. Next, set the budget, make up your personal schedule, and then… try what you have never tried before and lose weight efficiently!