The fresh juice diet

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The freshly squeezed juice is a real gift for those who like eating tasty but want to keep fit. The fresh juice diet, or juicing, is better to be followed in summer—it will easier to keep it, taking all necessary vitamins and useful elements.



The fresh juice diet seems to be a high-calorie eating plan, but in fact, to make fresh juice, you use low-carb and low-sugar vegetables and fruits. You can follow this diet for 3 days or for a month, but, in any case, make sure you consult a doctor to find out if you have any contraindications. 

This diet is about losing weight drinking up to 2 litres of juice per day. Also, you can drink green or herbal tea, pure water and infusions. Occasionally, you can add honey to these drinks (1 teaspoon).

What juices can you drink? While on this diet, you can mix yourself vegetables and fruit, berries and herbs in any proportions. Squeeze juice just before drinking or in the morning, for the day. However, try to drink the juice immediately after squeezing.


“This diet is about losing weight drinking up to 2 litres of juice per day. Also, you can drink green or herbal tea, pure water and infusions. Occasionally, you can add honey to these drinks (1 teaspoon).”


If you decided to follow the juice diet, remember that:

  1. Added to your juice parsley and carrot will decrease your appetite and reduce hunger while maintaining the necessary blood sugar level.
  2. Watermelon and cucumber juice are diuretics.
  3. Beetroot juice must be about 1/4 of your drink; consume it twice a day at most.


  • If possible, don’t peel fruit (the peels are a source of useful elements).
  • Buy natural products from the private sellers (or grow them yourself).
  • Use juice squeezer instead of blender.
  • Occasionally, eat whole fruits and vegetables without squeezing.
  • Before going on this diet (the day before) avoid high-fat and filling food to make it easier for your body to make the switch.
  • After you finish dieting, avoid high-fat and fried food for a few days, eat fresh fruit and vegetables (eat vegetable salads without salt but with olive oil) and drink juice twice a day.


“Many people who have tried juicing say they suffered from excessive sweating, diarrhoea, and even runny nose in the first days of dieting—the symptoms depend on amount of toxins in the body.”



The benefits of this eating plan are the following:

  • You can lose up to 1 kg a day.
  • You feel strong and full of energy.
  • This diet detoxes the organism and improves condition of your skin.
  • It regulates digestion.
  • It reduces risk of many diseases.

There are some downsides too:

  • Calcium is being removed from the body, which may result in hair loss, dental stains and decay, as well as nervous tic (so it’s important to boost calcium level by taking vitamin and mineral supplements).
  • Skin dryness and wrinkling.
  • You may feel unwell and giddy.
  • Strong feeling of hunger.
  • Risk for gastritis and gastric ulcer.
  • Obstipation is possible.
  • The diet may cause diabetes mellitus.
  • You may gain weight after you finish dieting.

Remember to drink fresh juice only through a straw and to rinse your mouth after drinking.



It’s recommended to keep juicing for up to 7 days, following these rules:

  • Start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice.
  • Drink tea or warm water with lemon and ginger root throughout the day.
  • Drink different juice every 2 hours.
  • Keep your juice in the fridge for 8 hours at most.
  • Eat smoothie with greens for breakfast.

Finish dieting correctly and start eating gradually introduce the following foods:

Day 1 — apples and vegetables

Day 2 — nuts and cereals

Day 3 — eat your usual foods (but avoid harmful and high-calorie food because it’s stressful for the body).





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