The peach diet

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Sweet tasty peaches… They are always leaving you craving for just one more… Then eat as much as you wish! In the process, you will also rejuvenate your body and lose weight. A true paradise!



There is no catch: the peach diet is really very effective and healthy: you can lose up to 8 kg within 14 days without worrying that your skin will become saggy and lose its elasticity as peaches prevent this problem. The standard peach diet lasts for a month: you actively lose weight over the first two weeks, and slowly finish dieting and secure your “slim” result over the second two weeks.


“The standard peach diet lasts for a month: you actively lose weight over the first two weeks, and slowly finish dieting and secure your “slim” result over the second two weeks.”


During the “peach” period you should consume calories according to the following plan:

  • The first two weeks: up to 1,300 kcal a day
  • The second two weeks: up to 1,500 kcal a day
  • You can swap lunch and dinner, use sweeteners and olive oil (up to 3 teaspoons a day during the first two dieting weeks and up to 2 teaspoons during the second two weeks).
  • But you still must avoid eating any sweets, salted food, dishes with sauces and artificial flavours. While dieting, drink as much plain water as possible.
  • Eat peaches with skin as it contains more vitamins than the pulp. Do not keep fruits in the fridge longer than for 3 days to keep them fresh longer.
  • Eat every 2-4 hours. You can restart this diet in 3-4 months.
  • We recommend combining this diet with running, swimming or brisk walking.


The peach diet has the following advantages:

  • This fruit is a fresh supply of vitamins and minerals.
  • Peaches do not contain a lot of calories: 90% of them is water, but your body needs a lot of energy to digest this fruit (that is why we lose weight).
  • Peaches contain fibre which improves digestion.
  • The peach diet detoxes the body.
  • This diet improves the condition of your skin (skin is tightened, and wrinkles are smoothed out).

As for disadvantages, there are some contraindications such as:

  • Adolescence
  • Diabetes
  • Allergy to peaches
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Chronic conditions
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal and nervous system

If you notice enanthesis, have diarrhoea etc. when dieting, immediately stop and consult a doctor.



Here is an example of the menu for the first two dieting weeks:

DAY 1 Coffee; 2 toasts with jam (2 teaspoons); 1 peach. 2 slices of melon; low-fat ham (2 slices); chicken croquette; potato; pepper. Peaches (200 g) Vegetable salad
DAY 2 Tea; 2 toasts with jam (2 teaspoons); 1 peach. Veal (100 g); marrow; 1 slice of watermelon Peaches (200 g) Pizza (140 g); peach-and-yoghurt salad
DAY 3 Coffee; 2 toasts with jam (2 teaspoons); 1 peach eat pasta with Tomatoes (60 g); greens; vegetables; 2 slices of melon. Peaches (200 g) eat grilled trout, tomato-and-onion salad; peach mousse with cream.
DAY 4 Tea; 2 toasts with jam (2 teaspoons); 1 peach Pasta (180 g); peach-and-chicken salad. Peaches (200 g). Steamed fish (300 g); whole wheat bread (50 g); cheese (2 slices).
DAY 5 Coffee, 2 toasts with jam (2 teaspoons); 1 peach. Rice with sauce (60 g); 1 slice of baked meat; greens salad; 1 peach. Peaches (200 g). Bean salad (100 g); peach-and-mint ice cream.
DAY 6 Tea, 2 toasts with jam (2 teaspoons); 1 peach. Vegetable pasta (60 g); beef mince (50 g); 1 peach Peaches (200 g) Cold tomato soup with 1 slice of bread; low-fat cottage cheese.
DAY 7 Coffee; 2 toasts with jam (2 teaspoons); 1 peach. Vegetable salad; baked potatoes and fish; 1 slice of watermelon Peaches (200 g). Lettuce leaves (you can add some tuna); bran bread (50 g); peaches with cottage cheese


Here is an eating plan for the second two weeks:

BREAKFAST Coffee/tea (you can add some low-fat milk) or low-fat yoghurt; 1 peach; whole wheat toasts (3 slices) and jam with fructose (2 teaspoons).
LUNCH Vegetable stew (150 g) and pasta with tomato sauce (60 g)/rice with grated cheese and 1 teaspoon of olive oil (60 g)/cereal bread (80 g) and ham (30 g)/seafood pizza (150 g)
SNACK Salad with strawberry, apples, and peaches (200 g)
  • Vegetable salad (150 g) and meat (120 g, once a week)
  • Mozzarella (50 g) or cottage cheese (120 g) (once a week)
  • Bean salad (160 g, once a week)
  • 1 egg (twice a week)
  • Steamed fish (200 g, twice a week)
  • Peaches and other light fruits (three times a week)
  • Low-fat yoghurt (a glass, 4 days a week)




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